On this day, May 5th back in 1900, started the weekly publication of 'The Billboard', later known and as we know it today, 'Billboard.'

Radio stations and record labels on a weekly basis study it as it is the "go-to" for music charts. I couldn’t tell you how many different charts are listed in the magazine every week. I can tell you, they have the "Hot 100" which is a chart based on mostly sales, the “Big 200” which is the album chart. There are airplay charts, pop charts, Spanish music charts, Christian, rock, both modern and active and of course Country music charts.

When it comes to the airplay charts, stations who are monitored by the magazine will submit their playlists and from that data airplay charts are made.

Billboard also has articles about upcoming releases with their dates both for the store shelves or downloads and radio release dates for singles. Billboard also publishes wanted ads for radio jobs and a plethora of related industry news.

You've heard the term "#1 with a bullet" that comes from chart placement and the meaning of the word bullet in this context refers to the song still having momentum and still rising.

Often you’ll see me post videos of songs that were #1 for example 20 years ago, 30 years ago, etc. All of the information comes from Billboard.

If you’re interested in music charts and the radio industry this is your publication.

From the 'Hot 100' the #1 song 30 years ago.

From the 'Hot 100' the #1 song from 25 years ago.

From the 'Hot 100' the #1 song from 20 years ago.

From the 'Hot 100' the #1 song from 15 years ago.

From the 'Hot 100' the #1 song from 10 years ago.

From the 'Hot 100' the #1 song from 5 years ago.