Since neither Renee or myself are huge college basketball fans, but are huge couch potatoes, we decided to come up with our own Sweet 16. These are our most binge worthy TV shows... on to Rounds 2 or 3!

We each came up with our Top 8. We have seeded the shows and will leave it up to you to vote for your favorites until we come up with 'Central Maine's Most Binge Worthy TV Show!"

Results of Round 1:

We already had a Cinderella knock off a top seed. Renee's #1 seed, West Wing, was defeated by my #8 seed, Everybody Loves Raymond (57.5% to 42.5%) and my #1 seed Breaking Bad, beat Renee's #8, Everybody Hates Chris (78.05% to 21.95%).

We are on to Round 2 & 3:

Share with your friends and family and and let the better show win!!

Renee's #2 seed is Downton Abbey. Mine is Lost. My #7 seed is Big Love and Renee's #7 seed is My Name is Earl.

#3 for Renee is Parks & Recreation and Dexter for me; #6 for me is The Wire and for Renee, Orange is the New Black!