How has it taken 5 decades for Bob Newhart to win an Emmy Award? He's been nominated seven times in 51 years and now the legendary comic finally has his Emmy. He was nominated for his guest role in CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory.' By the way, he will reprise the role this coming season.

Despite starring in 2 classic sitcoms, 'The Bob Newhart Show' and 'Newhart,' his first win came playing Professor Proton, a hapless former TV scientist. Newhart told the Hollywood Reporter, that he was "amazed by all the attention this is getting." What's really amazing is that it took so long for the TV Academy to recognize him.

The big televised 'Emmy Awards' is this Sunday, Sept. 22, but last Sunday they had the ceremony for the minor awards. If there was any justice, Newhart would be honored this Sunday. How about finally giving someone their due while they are still alive?

If you've never heard any of his comedy albums, do yourself a favor, and listen. No profanity, just pure comic genius. His classic one-way telephone calls are priceless. Check out the videos below!