I was SO excited to go to the Boston Comic Con 2014 this year. It was happening on my birthday and on my vacation so it seemed like a great way to enjoy both.  I had been to Port-Con a couple of years ago with my friend, Amanda. She is very much into the comic book scene and I had never been.  Port-Con was so much fun.  I figured doing it bigger and better was would be even more fun!

The biggest thing I did not expect with my comic con experiences is how much I would love and appreciate the art of it all. I know, you think comic book and maybe you do not appreciate the art and beauty of the images.   On my visit to Port-Con, I really had the chance to appreciate all of what an event like this has to offer.  There are the people who come in costumes (very cool), there are the writers to talk about their stories and characters, there are people selling comic books and costume related items AND WE HAVE THE ART!

As I arrived at the Boston Comic Con 2014,  I could see I was not alone in my birthday adventure.  The line was HUGE.  It turns out that was the line waiting to maybe buy tickets if space opened in the building.  The place was at capacity!  I was able to get a parking space and get right in because I already had my passes. It was kinda awesome. So many people dressed up and having fun, but really there was …just…so…many…people.  I did get in, walked around and had a good time while I was there.  The only thing that I was really bummed about was I did not get a chance to take photos. But there was just so darn crowded. And most of the cosplay was amazing!

Would I go again? Yes! But I would have to take someone like my friend Amanda. Just being with someone who is really into it would make it so much cooler.  Thanks Boston Comic Con 2014 for some unique birthday fun!