The boys' colors

Last month we had ideas and thoughts about home improvements. We wanted to redo our floors in the kitchen dining room and hall way, we may still but so far on the back-burner. We wanted to create a back patio. That will wait until next year or maybe the year after.

Our first priority was and is redoing the kids’ rooms. They are kind of dreary and in need of work at the least for the upstairs bedrooms. Structurally they’re alright but the wallpaper in our oldest Dylan's room is nasty and on day one of owning the house while cleaning the paneling in our younger son Justin’s room came down so we’re going to paint their rooms and add a few accents to make them look nicer.

Thanks to my wife and boys, they’re doing all of the scraping of the wallpaper while I work and write blogs about it. The before pictures look gross because a) the walls are scraped and b) we had to move stuff in the rooms to get to the walls. I will show the "befores" when the after pictures are ready.

This weekend we’re painting. Dylan and his brother Justin both wanted a sky-type blue. Dylan wanted a green trim and Justin wanted a white trim with the blue walls. Vikki’s room will be a very light violet with pink trim. So, yeah, fun.