For the FIRST time in 25 years, Microsoft has made a change that is sure to cause the least amount of headaches of any changes they've made to applications in their history!

They've updated their logo!  Kind of boxy, doncha think?  They want to show that the company has changed its thinking and realizes that people interact with technology differently than they did ten years ago.  You'll see that when Windows 8 comes out in October.  If you're a tech geek (like I am), you can download a pre-release version now.  I would only recommend that, however, if you have a separate hard drive and you know exactly what your doing.  Otherwise, you'll curse the day Bill Gates was born.

While I'm not blown away with the new OS (or logo, for that matter), it's definitely built to take advantage of the tablet movement.  In fact, there will be a tablet coming out with Windows 8 on it.  Let's wait and see how it competes with the iPads and  Android devices.

Click here to read all about what the logo change is signaling for the future of Microsoft.  Whatever's ahead, I sure hope it eliminates the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death, which has yet to disappear.