I don't know all of the answers, nor do I pretend to have the answers. Last Tuesday Auburn residents, like other municipalities' residents, voted on school budgets and other town or city issues. I voted yes for 6.9 school budget increase, which I know would result in a tax increase. The proposed increase was voted down by 60% of the voters. OK, for Auburn it's back to the drawing board.

Everything is being tossed around, from "pay for play" to charging student drivers for parking on school grounds. School closings layoffs, etc are also on the table. Isn't school funding largely an allocation of the city budget? Instead of taking from our kids, let's not street sweep the same street three of four times in the spring, with that, a new rink is nice but unnecessary, and I'm sure tax dollars went to Main Street in New Auburn.

I don't understand how South Portland and Biddeford spend more than half their budgets on schools, but in Lewiston and Auburn it's only 36% and 40% respectively.

There are couple of proposals I have, yes, just a couple of thoughts that will never gain momentum, so relax. Just thoughts. I say tax renters. I was one, and know many who are who would hate me for bringing this up, but I say again, these are just my thoughts. Hypothetically if you pay $600 a month in rent, use a mil rate and tax renters on that. I know landlords are taxed on their property, but renters could be as well. Not much, maybe if your rent was 600, $18 a month, which is 3%?

The second idea is the blue bag garbage collection concept. You pay for the special bags, you fill them and the city takes them. If trash isn't in a blue bag, it doesn't get picked up. It would create revenue and increase recycling.

That's what I have. That being said, I voted knowing my escrow would go up about $10 a month. I'll suck it up. I would also like to add to those who don't have children, do you want a society of stupid people? Do you want Mainers going on to do incredible things? I say something needs to be done.