In 1978, 73-year-old Karl Wallenda fell 121 feet to his death in Puerto Rico when 30 mile an hour winds caused him to lose his balance as he was crossing between two towers in San Juan. Tonight, winds could be a factor as Nik Wallenda attempts to cross the Grand Canyon at 8 EDST on the Discovery Channel.

People are calling him nuts, saying he's stupid. I say, go Nik! This, like it or not, is part of Americana. The same way Evel Knievel was. We watch these guys because it's pure, unadulterated, entertainment. This is extreme sports at its finest...and millions will watch! I'll be there. I'll say a prayer for him before he begins, too. I want to see him succeed but I DON'T want to see a failure. We all know it might happen. Its that possibility that glues us to the tv. If something happens, whether I see it or not, I'll have trouble sleeping. While he and his family may have prepared for the possibility of failure, I have not and I bet you haven't either.

Good luck Nik...may your walk be as successful as the Niagara Falls stunt last year!!