As I was reading a post on about a reporter in La Crosse, Wisconsin  addressing some hurtful comments, it brought back how I felt years ago when I received an email about my weight. Just like WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston’s recent email from a viewer, who called her ‘obese’, the letter I received called me obese (spelled wrong) and told me I should join Weight Watchers. It took me a while before I could even tell Jon or Mac about it. We have talked about it on the Moose Morning Show a few times over the years. Jennifer is a class act in how she handled the situation.

She took a moment during a recent morning newscast to address the “complaint” about her weight.  To the “person” who took the time to write her and call her out on being a role model for young women, guess what? She is!  She is the perfect role model for women and men, young and old. She is clearly a smart, competent professional in her industry with family and friends who is liked by her community. And if physical beauty is what the author of the e-mail to her was going after, look at her, she is beautiful!  Oh and she manages to be all these things without being a size two. You are one of my heroes Jennifer!