I had the chance to spend some time at New England Rent to Own. What the name does not tell you is what an amazing place this is and great people who work there.  These are so nice you could put them in the front yard!  New England Rent to Own provides people with these ‘out buildings’ that are so well built, Maine in Maine and super useful. Oh since it is all real wood, the smell so good.

You can use them for storage, garden shed, a play house and the bigger buildings could even be a nice little camp getaway location.  I was totally blown away. These are built better than my house! For example, they have overhead trusses for additional storage, pine siding, metal roof and a 50 year flooring system. And the come with options so it will look and function as you need to function.  Since they are so well built, you can even put it in a location that you might be renting and then the time comes, it can be moved. THAT is how will built it is.

You can buy them out right or you can rent to own these buildings.  You can do that for a little as one month deposit is most cases and no credit check. Go see New England Rent To Own on Facebook or check out their website, they will set you up on all the details.  OH and if you talk to them before Friday September 13th and tell them you heard about it from me, I understand you will 5% off your purchase!