I live in Augusta and I live near the Augusta State Airport. I do not mind the air traffic. I like watching the planes.  This past weekend was a ‘camp weekend’ for the central Maine summers camps. It is the only time of the year I am not as fond of the airport. There are A LOT of jets flying in and out of Augusta State Airport of parents coming to visit their kids. But they are still fun to look at.

Now as you might guess, if you can afford to commute to central Maine on a jet your kids are at one of the summer camps most of us cannot afford. Maine has long been known for its amazing summer camps, but some are more affordable than other. These camps have cost of around $7,500 to $11,000. I love the way the Kennebec Journal summed up these camps as the “Maine summer camps have long been a prime getaway from suburban life for out-of-staters, many with considerable means.”

The article in the KJ goes on to talk about the economic benefits of the camps to Maine. Maine has 330 summer camps support $332 million in annual sales, over 6,700 jobs and about $119 million in income. That is on top of that is all the tourist type revenue that would be generated by those families visiting their kids at camp.

But a summer camp experience sounds great no matter the cost.  Summer camp was not something that I had a chance experience as a child, but that will be changing this summer. I will be going to adult summer camp later this year with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  It is a three day weekend for women 18 and over, it is called ‘Becoming an Outdoors Woman’.  Wanna join me at camp?