In Canada’s national park system, ‘Parks Canada’ they are wanting to put Wi-Fi in as an added value to their campgrounds. Starting with 50 hotspots this year and many to follow in the near future.

After doing a five minute Google search I noticed that some government parks here in the U.S. offer Wi-Fi to their campers. So we're doing it here as well. However many government parks both national and state do not offer campers Wi-Fi. Do you think our government parks should across the board?

The next question is here is simple, when you go camping, are looking to get away from all technology or is having an internet connection part of your decision making when you’re looking for a campground?

I’m of two minds on this subject. When I think of camping, yes I do think it is ideal to leave the electronic devices at home, however, seasonal campers use a campsite for a home throughout the summer months. I believe for the seasonal campers it would be helpful to somewhat essential to have Wi-Fi.

Is there really a big of a step from using satellite TV in your RV to adding an internet connection?

As the camping season approaches I thought I might bring this up and get your take.