I don’t know if you use credit cards or not but Capital One has added language to their contract which states they can come to your house or place of employment to collect if you’re in arrears.

If this creeps you out, I guess you have two options, pay your bill and cancel or don’t apply for a Capital One credit card.

It seems very intrusive for a company to come knocking to collect, but when Capital One was asked about this new "in person" insertion in the contract, it's meant so Capital One can take back property in the case of big ticket items like snowmobiles, jet-skis, big screen TVs and alike if after all other collection attempts fail. They’re basically saying they want the right to repossess property.

I have a few "lower-credit-limit” credit cards and really don’t think that any of the companies I owe are going to show up in person to collect anything as most of the debt came from a trips, admission tickets and dinners out but it's still something to think about.

Yes it is unorthodox for a card company to come in person but banks have repossessed many cars and homes for lack of payment. Quite honestly, you can look at this another way, if you get what you bought on credit taken away, it is less you have to pay back in cash.

I don't judge because I was there about 15 or so years ago. There some people who have had their lives yanked out from under them and some have overspent, but all people deserve dignity and help. If you're in trouble, my advice would be to look for a non-profit credit counselor before looking at bankruptcy. Paying back debt heals you score faster than dumping it.