It all started in 2006 with Pink singing a new theme song for Sunday Night Football's opening. It was a rewording of Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself For Loving You", re-titled "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night."

In 2007, country singer Faith Hill replaced Pink as the singer of the opening theme, and a new arrangement of the Joan Jett song.

It was announced In 2013 that Carrie Underwood would take over singing the theme song, premiering her version of "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night"

Are you ready for a new Sunday night football song?

According to Rolling Stone, this Sunday night before the Patriots/Cardinals game, Underwood will debut "Oh Sunday Night" as the new theme song. If it sounds familiar, the song is based on her 2014 hit country duet "Somethin' Bad" with Miranda Lambert, but with new lyrics and additional changes to fit the program.

You can watch a preview of the new Sunday Night Football opening below.