Daily Distraction

Best of MMS: Magic Mushrooms
According to a new study, mushrooms can now be used to help treat things like depression. Of course the Moose Morning Show got a hold of the first prescription drug commercial for these new 'magic mushrooms'.
Today is The Day I Join The 21st Century
You're probably wondering why a tech-savvy guy like me isn't already part of the current era. Well, if you've been listening to me moan and groan on the air for the last 14 months about not having internet at my house, then you know why.
It took a whole lot of phone calls, emails and o…
How to Start & Drive a Model T
Sadly, nowadays, people can't even handle a 5-speed Honda Civic. If you're looking to get into grand theft auto and you're into super-vintage, this video may prove useful. If anything else I certainly thought it was neat to see how they piloted some of the very first cars ever to be o…

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