Daily Distraction

HRC Tells Stories via A Bad Lip Reading
Hillary Clinton is back! Well, did she ever actually go away? At any rate, the ingenius minds at 'A Bad Lip Reading' have done it again. This time, doing a lip reading of Hillary telling some of her 'favorite stories'. If you don't laugh at this, I don't think we can be…
Matt Reads a Poem He Wrote For Keri On Her Birthday.
I wrote this 2 years ago when she was turning 26, but every word is still true!
Happy birthday to my lovely fiance and soon-to-be wife, Keri, as she celebrates 26 years of life today! 3 of which have been with me! I know, I can't believe it either.
Been to The Waterville Opera House Lately? Why Not?!
It's not very often there is 'free time' in my schedule on the weekends, but we were able to squeeze some in the past Sunday. After a fairly long morning down in Southern Maine I came home and picked up the bride and headed to Waterville...
I Ordered Them on Amazon & I’m Not Sorry
I use Amazon all the freakin' time! I (one time) ordered candy from the site and had it sent to my house. It was AWESOME and very tasty. I got to thinking though about how lame I am that I was using my Amazon account to ship sugary little candies to my house...

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