Daily Distraction

Renee Eats a War Head!
We had a blast at the trunk or treat yesterday put on by Kennebec Community Church! One of the benefits or getting to be at a trunk or treat is coming back with CANDY!
Baby James Gets His Name!
It's always a lengthy process when trying to come up with a name for your little one, isn't it? Well, we have finally reached our final decision for the name of baby James.
Brighten Your Day With These Rainy Day Fails!
By now you're probably well aware that the forecast is calling for rain now right through early Friday morning. Typically this is cause for mellow attitudes and dreary demeanors as we meander through this sloppy work-week.
Here is Every Single Cat at 3 in The Morning
I'm always bashing on our cats during the Moose Morning Show, and though I AM more partial to dogs, I do in fact like our cats. However, I think that all of us cat owners can agree that sometimes they're not always the most respectful when timing out their shenanigans...
iPhone Update: Frig it, I’m Waiting for the X
I know, I've been going back and forth on this whole 'new phone' thing. Honestly, I'm sure most of you don't care because #FirstWorldProblems , but for those of you that do, here it is.
I have been trying, as most of you know, for the last couple days to get my hands on the n…

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