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Cooper’s Favorite Scary Movies
Since Halloween is only a couple weeks away, a lot of people are re-watching their favorite scary and horror movies.  Here are my top 5 "scary" movies.  Some of them aren't your typical horror movies, but they are still def worth checking out.
Big Brother 18 Ends With ????
Here's a recap of us about to do the recap.. Now, I may have slept through the finale', but don't worry, I read a Michigan blogger's post about the whole episode so I know what went down.
2016 Emmy Winners: The Full Roster of Sunday’s Awards!
The 2016 Emmys have arrived at last, hosted by none other than Jimmy Kimmel himself, and the competition is refreshingly tense this year. Will The People v. O.J. Simpson blow FX counterpart Fargo out of the water? What about The Americans’ first big competition, or Mr. Robot’s chances?…

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