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Batman Comic to Feature Scenery from Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine will become part of the history of Batman. Artist and writer Sean Murphy, who recently moved to Portland, is using Portland City Hall, the Old Port’s cobblestone streets and other brick buildings as inspiration in DC Comics’ new 'Batman: White Kni…
You Won’t Believe How Many People are on Social Media
It's often hard for me to figure out where I should post something or where I should add to my story each day. Should I put this photo on Facebook or cross-post it over from Instagram? Should I bother with my Facebook story or just update my Snap story?
The Biggest Reason I Want to See ‘It’
I am not much of a movie go-er and I am not really not much of a horror movie go-er.
I am not sure if it is possible to improve upon Tim Curry's Pennywise.
Stephen King's works also freak me out. I grew up in Bangor.  The setting of alot of the books happen in that area. Read 'Pet Cemetery' there is a…
Who is Your Celebrity Obsession??
A farmer in Indiana has created a corn maze with trails outlining the face of Princess Leia, from 'Star Wars!' He says he planted it to honor the late actress Carrie Fisher.
Fall TV Premiere 2017
September…is the start of the pumpkin season AND fall TV season.
As for the TV stuff let's check out what is coming back and when?
I got you covered.

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