Should Parents Swear in Front of Their Kids?
Today on our Moose Morning Show Mind-Bender, we talked about swearing in front of your kids. The question was, "Almost 3/4 of all millennial parents say they do this. The answer was: "Swear in front of the kids!" The answer shocked us, a bit.
African Pygmy Hedgehog Visits the Moose Morning Show
Bob and Julie Miner from DEW Haven joined the Moose Morning Show and brought along an African Pygmy Hedgehog. We had a great time playing with little Henry!
You might now Bob and Julie from the TV show, Yankee Jungle. If you have never been to DEW Haven, do yourself a favor and stop by...
We’re Officially in the market for a New House!
We got married back in October and have since been weighing our options on when and where to buy our first home together. Well, we may still not know where exactly, but we do know WHEN. NOW! How exciting?
Keri and I went in to Bangor Savings Bank earlier this week to meet with our awesome loan office…

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