Waterville’s Top 10 Rated Restaurants According To Yelp
Last week, we wrote about Yelp's Top 10 rated Augusta restaurants and there was some good conversation on our Facebook page from people who agreed or disagreed with the top 10 ratings.
This week, we take a look at Waterville. Again, we are using the website "Yelp" and going by …
Gardiner Hannaford Removes Food From Shelves
Wednesday morning, staff were frantically removing eggs, cheese, meat, and other perishable items from the Gardiner Hannaford. According to a staff member, a  compressor failed overnight. Taking precaution, food was removed. Items will be replaced over the next week, but for the short term, sel…
Zima Is Back On The Shelves In Augusta!
How can one forget this...this...what is it exactly?  Is it beer?  I can't say from experience, because the last time it was in stock, I was under 21.  But, this 'refreshing citrus beverage' is now back and for sale in Augusta!

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