Maine Has 1st Case Of Measles in 20 Years
In Augusta, the Maine Center For Disease Control is investigating something the state hasn't had since President Clinton was in office, fat free chips were everywhere, and Tim McGraw still had a mullet; the measles.
Gardiner Hannaford Removes Food From Shelves
Wednesday morning, staff were frantically removing eggs, cheese, meat, and other perishable items from the Gardiner Hannaford. According to a staff member, a  compressor failed overnight. Taking precaution, food was removed. Items will be replaced over the next week, but for the short term, sel…
Jimmy Buffett To Open Margaritaville Retirement Homes
For those "pirates looking at 40" in the rear view window, this might be right up your alley.
At some point, even Parrotheads need to add a bit of qualified nursing care to their routine of endless mai tais and cheeseburgers. Soon they'll be able to find that in a paradise being built by th…
Maine Veterinarians Doing Background Checks, Here’s Why.
According to WGME On Your Side, veterinarians now have to perform a background check on pet owners when writing an opioid prescription for their pet. The opioid problem has created some instances where adicts are using their pet's meds to get high, which is kind of hard to do because …

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