Chernobyl Almost 30 Years Later (Video)
Let me start this by saying I am OK with nuclear power for the good. It is a very efficient and if kept up to code and produced safely can be a clean energy source. That being said, there s a downside to nuclear power. Remember the Chernobyl catastrophe back in 1986?
Who is This Little Girl? Now We Know!
Well, this past weekend I saw a photo at an event that celebrated the 80th anniversary of Amelia Earhart visit to Augusta. Well, I asked and got my answer from a few different sources. I know know that girl is....
Who is the Girl in the Photo with Amelia Earhart? [photos]
This past Saturday (August 2) was an event to honor the 80th anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s visit to Maine. At Maine Instrument Flight they had a display about Earhart and a special focus on encouraging girls and women to learn to fly. One of the old newspaper photos in the display about Earhart’s …

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