This Week in Maine History March 6-12
March 9th 1921 
A British Tramp Steamer called Wandby shipwrecked near Walker's Point in Kennebunk. Captain David Simpson's hearing was off when he thought the buoy whistle he heard was the one near Portland Lightship . Thinking that they were in the clear and heading in…
January 13 is National Rubber Duckie Day
Did you know today is 'National Rubber Duckie Day?" Well, that's my learning moment of the day today from the Moose Morning Show. It also gives me an excuse to watch this classic from 'Sesame Street.'
Celebrating Veterans Around The World [VIDEO]
On Nov. 11, the United States of America celebrates Veterans Day, set aside to honor all of the country's veterans.
But the holiday is not exclusively an American one, countries all over the world also honor their veterans today, and for a very specific reason.

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