Matt + Evan Go Up The Faya!
Yes, this is exactly how you need to be saying this if you are a true Mainer. If you're not a real native Mainer, get out of our fairs! No, just kidding!
The Nutritional Cost Of Fair Food
It's Fair Season!!  Nothing beats fair food.  There's always sure to be something new there.  Whether it's french fries you seek or a dough boy or fried pickles, it comes with more than a monetary cost to you.  These foods wreak havoc on your body and certainly lea…
Google Taught Me About Hip Hop And DJing
Not normally a fan of being schooled by Google first thing in the morning, but this morning was different.  Click on the Google logo today (Friday August 11) to learn about the history of hip hop and learn how to be a hip hop DJ!

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