Renee’s Christmas Concussion
Well why not?  Who needs all that happy-go-lucky stuff...I decided to get myself a concussion for Christmas.  All joking aside, when there is ice just be careful. And be thankful for co-workers who are awesome.  AND yes, IF I had been wearing my helmet I would not be in this situ…
Zsa Zsa Gabor Dies at Age 99
Zsa Zsa Gabor has passed away. After years of a now-former coworker asking me if Zsa Zsa is still alive, I sadly would have respond that she is no longer with us.
Mac & Matt Take Big Whiffs Of Renee’s New iPad
So if you're a regular listener to the Moose Morning Show, you'll know that there is nothing better (at least for Mac & Matt) than the smell of brand new electronics. However, since they're just so darned expensive, it's not often that we have new electronics entering our…

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