Been to The Waterville Opera House Lately? Why Not?!
It's not very often there is 'free time' in my schedule on the weekends, but we were able to squeeze some in the past Sunday. After a fairly long morning down in Southern Maine I came home and picked up the bride and headed to Waterville...
Teeth-Chattering Cold + Lots of Snow on Tap For Maine
Doesn't seem possible does it? Especially considering the temperature outside today and through the weekend is forecast for the upper 70's. That's all well and good. But you DO remember what's coming, right? Yes- Winter is coming. And with winter on the way, we look to our snowy …
Renee Tries ‘Truly’
We've been talking about this new 'booze-water' for days so Renee just had to see what all the fuss was about. Watch and see if she likes it or not!

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