Moose Morning Show Poll: Celebrity or Cash?
During the Moose Morning Show today, we'll be talking about celebrity crushes and what one big star you would want to meet. Along those lines, here's a thought... If you had a chance to spend the day with your favorite celebrity or get $10,000 in cash, which would you choose?
Moose Morning Show Poll: Handicap Parking
I saw someone pull into a handicap parking spot yesterday, stroll out of their car, very quickly, and walked into the store. My initial reaction was, "What an idiot!" I quickly looked for any placards, or signs, indicating a right to use the spot, and didn't see any.
Moose Morning Show Poll: Year-Round School
Earlier this week, Augusta K-6 students were released early because of the heat. It got me thinking about when I was younger, and we never, ever, were released early for hot weather. I am actually under the belief that kids should go year-round.

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