Five Secret Places “Censored” On Google Maps
I think most of us love a good mystery...  That's one of the main reasons I am feeling the love for this video.  It's a list of 5 places that have been "censored" by Google Maps.  Basically, when you try to look at these spots on, they'…
Odd Maine Roadside Attractions
The summer tourist season is here and while many tourists are visiting Old Orchard Beach, Acadia National Park or Baxter State Park, you might want to take some time and checkout some of Maine's unique flavor and a few of these odd Maine attractions.
Maine Day Trippin': Gulf Hagas
Maine has so many places that even the natives might not know about. Maine is a great state for day trips and with summer here, maybe a family day trip is in your future. Here's one day trip that you might want to take, Gulf Hagas, is often called the Grand Canyon of Maine.

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