92 Moose is Taking You to See Jumanji!
If you heard the big announcement on the Moose Morning Show today than you already know! We've done it again- we're taking over a whole theater at Regal Cinemas in Augusta just for our listeners!
On December 21st at 7p, the Moose Crew and loads of lucky listeners will get to see the all new…
My Power Is Out Again!
Just got word from a neighbor on our road that our power is out again. Though it is apparently supposed to be back on by some time today.
The State of Maine Won’t Let Me Open My Window
Okay, so the headline may be a little dramatic and even a little untrue. But it's how I feeeeeel! And I'm a natural-born complainer. Not really, but if you don't have something to whine about then what's the point, right?
My Son Evan Won Student Of The Month!
As a parent, is there anything more special or gratifying than hearing how well your child is doing in school? As parents, Carrie, me and step-mom Keri have been blessed to watch Evan receive this awesome award not once, but 4 times!
We met with Evan's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs...

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