These are some of the stories central Maine is talking about today.

Those seeking signatures will be at the polls tomorrow as voters in Maine take on three referendum questions as well any local issues, and many communities do have local referendums and elections. (Voting locations,, Sun Journal, Referendum Questions

Maine voters are getting ready to decide on proposed changes to the state's campaign finance law as business interests disagree over the measure and Republican Gov. Paul LePage calls it "a scam." Mainers for Accountable Elections championed the proposal on Tuesday's ballot, and say it will strengthen the law that gives public money to candidates running for governor and the Legislature. The group says the proposal would make more money available to qualifying candidates, increase fines for violators, and require groups to disclose some donors on political ads. But the Maine State Chamber of Commerce says the measure would eliminate $6 million in business tax incentives, and describes it as harmful to businesses. The Maine Small Business Coalition disagrees. It says the changes "elevate the voice of small businesses."  (AP)

Maine's deer season is here. The firearms season for deer gets started on Monday and lasts until Nov. 28. The season follows the archery season for deer, which ended on Friday except for some localized areas. Maine is issuing 28,770 deer hunting permits, down from 37,185 permits last year. The harsh winter weather culled the population in some parts of Maine. Deer hunters are limited to one deer per year, with some exceptions. The state asks hunters to get in touch with authorities about the rules before hunting if they have any questions. (AP)

Maine officials say an Appalachian Trail hiker from Tennessee who disappeared in the summer of 2013 died from lack of food and water and environmental exposure. Maine officials on Friday confirmed that the skeletal remains found in western Maine were those of 66-year-old Geraldine Largay. Investigators say a state police examination of Largay's cell phone concluded she left the Appalachian Trail after crossing Orbeton Stream on July 22, 2013, a day after she left Sandy Plantation. Officials say her remains were positively identified through DNA analysis and the cause of death is classified as accidental. (AP)

The final and longest stretch of Maine's moose hunt is about to get underway. The session begins on Monday and lasts until Nov. 28. It is limited to certain wildlife management districts in southern, central and coastal Maine. Another session also begins Monday and ends Nov. 7 and is limited to parts of northern Maine. State officials say hunters should consult with authorities before hunting. Hunters are limited to one moose per year. (AP)

Maine State Police are searching for the man who robbed the Camden National Bank Saturday afternoon in Randolph. According to WMTW the bank is located inside Goggin’s IGA grocery store.
The suspect is a white male. He was wearing a dark jacket with a baseball cap, hood, and sunglasses. Police say the man produced a note, which demanded money. The note also said he was in possession of a gun, but it was never displayed. The man left with money and was last seen getting into a white four-door vehicle that was heading toward Gardiner on Water Street.
Police say none of the bank employees were harmed. (WGME)

A magnitude 2.4 earthquake was measured 17 miles off Bar Harbor, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The minor quake was recorded at 5:20 p.m. Sunday at a depth of 5 kilometers. As of midnight Monday, the USGS had just one response from someone who claimed to feel the earthquake. That response came from Scituate, Massachusetts. Sunday's minor earthquake was the strongest recorded since a 2.5 magnitude near Jay in May. Earthquakes below a 3.0 magnitude are considered low intensity and are felt "by very few under especially favorable conditions," the USGS writes. According to the USGS, an offshore earthquake in April 1957 cracked walls and chimneys in Greater Portland. The last significant earthquake in Maine happened on Oct. 2, 2006, about 45 miles southeast of Bangor, the USGS reports. It was felt more than 100 miles away in Boston. The largest earthquake recorded in Maine, a magnitude 5.1, happened in March 1904. (WMTW)

The Kansas City Royals haven't felt this much joy since 1985. The Royals have beaten the New York Mets 7-2 in Game 5 of the World Series to win the championship. (AP)

Republican presidential candidates have agreed on a series of demands giving them greater control of debates. Representatives from more than a dozen campaigns met behind closed doors Sunday night in suburban Washington. The changes include bypassing the Republican National Committee in coordinating with network hosts, mandatory opening and closing statements and an equal number of questions for the candidates. (AP)

A Kabul official says authorities will take back all Afghan citizens being deported from Germany, which is struggling to accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees and other migrants. After Syrians, Afghans make up the second largest nationality arriving in Europe. (AP)