World series, game 1- Royals 5-4 over the New York Mets. Game 2 is tonight in Kansas City in 14 innings. It was the longest game one in world series history, which included a delay when Fox Sports lost power causing a delay. When Royals starting pitcher, Edinson Volquez , left the game in the 6th inning, he learned that his dad had passed away from heart failure in the Dominican Republic hours before.

NHL- Bruins 6-0 over Arizona last night. The B’s play in Florida against the Panthers on Friday.

NBA- Celtics open tonight at home against the Philadelphia 76ers

Boys soccer- Lewiston beat EL 5-0.

Field hockey winners- MCI, Oak Hill, Skowhegan, Winslow

Girls soccer winners- Gardiner, Mt. Ararat, Oceanside, Searsport, Bucksport, Camden, Madison, Monmouth

Mike Tyson thinks Donald Trump should be president. Try to follow the rambling Tyson as he explains why!