It’s ugly Christmas sweater season! C'mon now we know you think it’s sort of cool to rock an awful pom pom tree and sparkly elf cardigan. You just love showing up at your holiday parties wearing one of those sweaters grandma knitted or got on discount at the thrift store.

Well, share a picture of you...or maybe we should say, "Don we now our gay apparel!"

We will pick the 'Top 10 Ugly Sweaters' and then let 'Moose Nation' pick the winner of 'Central Maine's Ugliest Christmas Sweater.'

The winner gets a pair of tickets to see Miley Cyrus in Boston at the TD Garden Wednesday, April 2.

C'mon, your sweater couldn't be any worst than Miley's outfits lately, could they? You can even twerk in your sweater, if you want!

What a great Christmas tickets to Miley Cyrus in Boston!

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