It took me 37 years, but I FINALLY DID IT!  Last night, I went to my first Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

I know that, as a person who has basically lived in New England his entire life, it is kinda' strange that I have never been to a Red Sox game.  I've always wanted to go, but there was always a reason why I couldn't.  No money, (or the opposite) no time because I was working too much, too far away, etc.

It was also my 13 year old son's first game, too.  It's kinda' awe inspiring to see a game at a 104 year old park that has so much history (Check out the history of Fenway Park)  And, even though the Red Sox lost to Kansas City, it was still an awesome experience!  I saw Big Papi hit a homer, saw a guy rush onto the field and get tackled by security,  took part in the singing of "Sweet Caroline", and had a chance to spend some time with my son.

Check out the IG pics and videos I took plus one of the guy who rushed the field (thx to Barstool Sports):