Looking for a good scare?  Here are 6 Maine streets that may be haunted...  some of them may even be in your town.

According to Only In Your State, the following 6 roads are the most haunted in the State of Maine.


Brownsville Road In Millinocket - According to the legends, in the 60s, a young couple drove off the road.  The husband went looking for help.  When he returned, his wife was gone and never seen again.  Supposedly, she can still be seen, dressed in white, roaming that section of road.


Rt2A In The Haynesville Woods - Route 2A. One of the most treacherous roads in New England, it was once the main thoroughfare for trucks hauling potatoes from Aroostook County to other parts of the state.  Over the years, many have died on the road.  Probably the scariest story involves a woman begging for help, claiming she and her husband had been in an accident. If you choose to help her, however, you’re overcome with a deep, dark feeling and the woman disappears.


Black Woods Road In Cherryfield - On this twisting winding road you'll meet Catherine.  While most people will stop to help a young woman in need, you probably don't wanna pick up Catherine.  People who do often lose control of their vehicles or come down with an illness.


Rt 26 In Poland - Drivers often report picking up a woman in white who claims to be late for her wedding.  And, as you pull up to the church where she says the wedding will take place, you here her whisper "good-bye" and she disappears.


Old Witchtrot Road In York - According to legend, this is the path condemned witches took to the gallows.  Creepy!


Silver Lake Trails In Bucksport - The 62 acre recreation area is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Sara Ware.  Sarah Ware disappeared in September of 1898.  Her body was found two weeks later.  Though there were suspects, no one was ever convicted of her killing.