I've got to hand it to the guy. As an administrator, he clearly leads by example, showing the kids two important things. First and foremost, when you make a promise, you follow through. Secondly, don't take yourself so seriously you alianate those you're trying to lead. Mr. Doiron kept his word and showed the kids he wasn't too good to pay up....even if it meant spending the entire school day on a hot roof!

Chelsea, a K-8 school, took part in the Accelerated Reader program with a goal of 85% participation, which is a lofty goal. That means that 85% of the student body must participate and prove their claim to reading by answering questions about the subject matter. The little ones who can't yet read could be read TO and then quizzed.

Amazingly, the program was a huge success and participation was an unbelievable 95%! I've gotta say it: "HOLY COW!"

Well, the kids voted earlier on what they wanted Mr. Doiron to do if they were successful. The choices, which were narrowed down from suggestions, were: Sing a song with the class that passed the most quizzes, shave his head or spend the day on the roof. The roof-sit (stand) won by a landslide (over 730 votes were cast....of which the roof option took 512). When we talked to him on the show this morning he seemed pretty pumped to hold up his end of the agreement!

Last Thursday was the day it should have happened but it was pouring. That wouldn't have been good for anyone. Kids would be stuck inside and Mr. Doiron would be cold and lonely on the roof. Therefore, it was moved back a week and what a day it turned out to be! It was nice, albeit hot, and nice beats rain for this kind of event.

Understand, Mr. Doiron was well taken care of by students....with lemonade, ice cream and other treats thoroughout the day, so it probably wasn't too taxing on him!

The bottom line is, as an education administrator, he put himself out there for the kids...gave them a goal. The kids came through for him and he, in turn, came thorough for them. It's a great lesson in life and gives the kids and the community great respect for a man who, I guarantee, will always be remembered by the students as, the cool principal who sat on the roof for us!

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