Yesterday while I was at work Lynn brought up the Christmas stuff including the tree. Lynn and the boys did some decorating last night as well. The wreaths and knick-knacks for instance were put up and they also put up lights around the archways, etc. The tree they left for all of us to do this morning.

The one time I like Christmas music going through the house is when we decorate the tree. Surprisingly, only one ornament broke and it was a glass ball type deal from 1970 something.

Last year we broke down and bought an artificial tree. I know, I know where we live in Maine it's blasphemy but fake is cleaner. Not as much vacuuming, no watering and the best part, there is no bad side to the tree.  The only downside to a fake tree is having to put it away nicely where a real tree you can just heave to the sidewalk for the city.

To this point, we don't light up or decorate the outside of the house but who knows in the future. Have a great rest of your weekend, no matter what is on your agenda.