I have a love/hate relationship with shopping.  I like nice things. I don’t like the price tag of nice things and well, some days the process of shopping is overwhelming. But mostly it’s the price tag that gets me.  Since last year the price of clothes has gone up 2.7%!  What is a girl to do?

Well, with the holiday shopping season right around the corner, I bet there will some great deals. But it has my experience that being a regular at your favorite store is the best bet. Yes, they get to know you and can help. But you get to keep an eye on what they have and types of sales they have. I have great luck doing that at Dress Barn in the Marketplace at Augusta. I have beautiful dresses from there. I also keep in mind what I really need. I really could use a good rain coat and boots.  ShadowDog needs to be walked, and those things would be super helpful on a rainy day. But I have yet to find a sale on that stuff that I really like. I want it to be cute!

There are other ways to save. But it goes back to my tip on being a regular visitor to get the good stuff. If you have a Goodwill Store near you, check it out. They have a constant supply of items coming in to the store. Of course there are re-sale shops. There you really have a chance to save and develop a personal relationship that can pay off by getting what you want. My best re-sale score was a leather purse that cost about $100 new, I got it for $20.  It was never used. To save even more, there are a number of offers on Seize The Deal to save you even more on resale shops, jewelry and lots of personal care offers.