So, I have a new experience. I went to my first comic-con. Yep. I guess I am more of a geek than I had imaged I was. I had a GREAT TIME.  It was the second annual Coast City Comic-Con in South Portland. I now really want to go to Comic-Con in San Diego some time. It was nothing like I expected. Yes, there were some booths selling just comic books. Yes, there were a lot of people dressed up in costumes. That was very cool. But the work by the artists was amazing. Even had a chance to get a hug from WWE Star Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

Some of it was art like you would frame, some of it usable art like funky wallets or jewelry. There were classic toys and yep, there was lots of food.  Coast City Comic-Con also had a welcome day to start the weekend, lots of panel discussions, vendors, artists doing their art, right there and some short films. It is not just a day; the whole thing runs for a weekend. But the best part, like any good event, the people. The people were awesome!  Everyone was very cool and everyone, guests and vendors, were having a good time. There was even a guy doing custom made fangs! Where else could I spend my afternoon partying with Wonder Woman, Abraham Lincoln-the Vampire Slayer, The Ghost Busters, Blues Brothers, and Green Lantern and eat a vegan cupcake? Comic-Con! Yep. I am already planning on going next year and yep, there may be a costume in my future...maybe.