There's nothing like being able to drive along with the windows rolled down and the Moose cranked up. It's a sure sign of spring and when I get to do it, it literally can put me in a great mood. There is one thing that can change all that... cigarettes.

Earlier today, it was nice out and as I left work I was cruising down Weatern Avenue in Augusta. I came upon a red light and was stopped behind a car, with a woman with her arm hanging out her window, with a cigarette burning away and the smoke blowing right into my vehicle. Up goes my window. Down goes my mood.

I know this will upset some. However, when I am around cigarette smoke, I get shortness of breath and become ill. I know that is not your problem. It's just a reality, that one does not expect to be an issue as when driving down the road.

Believe me, I have absolutely no problem with anyone smoking cigarettes. It's legal. I just ask people to not do it where it affects my health.

I do not believe we should legislate common sense. I don't want any laws restricting your smoking. I would just love to see those that do smoke to have some common courtesy for non-smokers.

Sticking your cigarette out a car window in bumper-to-bumper traffic is just one example.