The Cony High School Celebrity Waiter Dinner was Friday night at the Calumet Club in Augusta and was very well attended by people out for a great time in support of a great program! Let me say in opening that all the amazing photos were taken by Deanna and Mark Walker, two amazing Augusta schools supporters and terrific photographers who work as a team on everything they shoot.

Thanks to Teresa Elvin for inviting me to be part of such a great group of waiters including Chad Foye of Cony High School, Laura Benedict from the Red Barn, Lisa Wardwell of Lisa's Restaurant, Booma MacFarland, Tina Charest, Dan Emery, Mayor Bill Stokes and more!

Jason Everett hosting Let's Make a Deal with contestant, Kathy Craig

DJ Jason Everett kept things going as he hosted Let's Make A Deal while us "waiters" went table to table getting everything we could for people (in exchange for tips, of course).

There were impromptu fund raisers throughout the night. I wanted to take care of a table that Lisa Wardwell had so I challenged her to an arm wrestling match. We raised 40 bucks for the match. I lost. She got the tips and the table.

Another $40 was made to get Tina Charest (Charlamagne's in Augusta and Acoustic Chi) to sing a song. We collected and she sang. And can she ever sing!

We also raised $50 bucks for a toilet paper race between the waiters (each one could choose a helper). I chose attendee Dana Geneseo, Maine's strong man! We came in second or third. Waiter Chad Foye and his partner, Norm Elvin (China Dine-ah and G&E Roofing) won.

All told, several thousand dollars was made and that will go a long way to keeping Cony's football program alive and well. Thanks to all who attended and to the Calumet Club for putting out a GREAT meal, as always....and wonderful bartenders Lisa and Cathy who rocked it hard core!