Chiari Malformation is a brain thing. It caused neurological issues and from what I can tell from a co-worker and friend who just had her decompression BRAIN surgery…it is no fun. But Connor is a local 3 year old who has been dealing with this and some other medical issues in his short life. What can you do to help Connor?  WELL….

Connor is due to have his surgery this week. This is has been a very long journey for his family and for Connor. Connor has an older and younger sister. So you don’t have to imagine too much on the stress that must come from this. So for Connor and his family happy thought and prayers are much appreciated.

BUT none of this happens in a vacuum. This cost some serious money.  Even things like gas and food to get to Boston and New York add up.  This is type of stuff you need a specialist…and this is in in New York. How can you do something tangible to help? Make a donation to the #ConnorStrong Go FundMe Page.