I love a good, old-fashioned conspiracy theory, and surfing the Internet all day can lead to some great ones! Recently, I had some fun looking at some videos that "prove" that time travel exists.

What's great about these videos is that, even though there are no flying DeLoreans in any of them, they were intended to be serious! So, let's take a look at the "evidence" and see if it convinces you that time travel is real.

1) A MacBook in the 50s????

Here we see a quick clip of an old civil defense film from the 1950s, but according to the author, one of the girls is holding an Apple laptop, proving that the company has been trying for world domination for longer than we can ever realize.

2) A Time Traveller named "John Smith" (a.k.a. Thomas Dunn) has been allowing himself to be photographed throughout history

Because if it's on the Internet, it must be true. Maybe he also invented Photoshop...

3) A cell phone in a Charlie Chaplin movie?

Maybe, but who could they have been talking to?

Oh...I bet it was her (taken in 1938)

4) Time Traveling Celebrities 

Because, of course they can, But if it's true, can we send the Kardashians back in time...and leave them there?