The Kennebec County District Attorney has announced that former Waterville High School Principal Don Reiter will be charged with a misdemeanor.

According to a report from the Kennebec Journal, Kennebec County DA Maeghan Maloney said on Nov. 19 that her office will be charging Reiter with official oppression, which is a class E misdemeanor. The report added that Maloney said Reiter would not be charged with the more serious crime of attempted gross sexual assault, since the alleged victim in the incident was over 18.

The published report said that  Maloney explained that the charges would generally carry just a fine, adding that the maximum official sentence for the charges is six months in jail, but that people charged with official oppression rarely serve jail time.

The Waterville Board of Education voted 6-1 on Nov. 16  to dismiss Reiter.. He has 30 days to appeal. Reiter was accused of asking a student for sex on Aug. 27 in his office. His lawyer says evidence will show the allegations are false.The Kennebec Journal reported that Reiter's attorney, Walter McKee, who will be representing him in the criminal case, said that the charges against his client were a "stretch."