This one is for the guys or more specifically, dads. Do you remember when your wife or significant other, said, “I’m pregnant” for the first time? What was your initial reaction? Me, I was scared.

It was 15 years ago today I heard those words. I’m going to start by saying that all of the initial thoughts and feeling became those of pure joy within days and weeks but it was a moment of “hold the phone” for sure when I first heard the news. I can remember my world stopping and being in shock when she told me.

I remember being terrified at the thought of being a father. Seriously, I didn’t know the first thing about babies or children. My sister is less than three years younger than me so I barely remember when she came to be.

I worried about my income, how a baby would change our lives. Even though at the time I was 26, well old enough, I didn’t know if I was ready for the responsibility. I was freaked out about telling our families. We weren’t married or even living together at the time.

Every thought was swirling around in head like a merry-go-round that was about to spin off the core.

We told Lynn’s mother together a few days after I knew and she was very accepting of the news and me. I called my Mom and she too took the news well.

After internalizing everything I was happy, excited and looking forward for the next eight months to go by to meet our baby. I went all of the OB appointments except the very first; saw all of the ultrasounds, etc but that moment, January 3, 1999 is one I will never forget.