My mom would be so disappointed in me.  I just can't seem to get much right.  I didn't become a doctor or lawyer, I'm not a minister and I can't pole dance.  I thought I could but, clearly, it's tougher than it looks....

Mac Dickson and I delivered the Midweek Lunch Bunch to Fitness Heaven in Farmingdale recently and the very talented Jenn Maroney was there so, while the lunch got cold, she took the time to (try) and show me how to go upside down on the pole. I thought I could do it. My body tried to talk my mind out of it, but my body won out. Sort of. I gave it a try. My mind was right. Should have listened. Just look at me in the video. Can you say, "pant load?"

Jenn has a GREAT gym right next to VIP and teaches not just pole art but belly dancing and the promise of more (ballroom, anyone?) coming soon. And Jenn Maroney is good. REAL good. This takes muscle tone and coordination, neither of which I have, apparently.

You can try it out at a sweet discount because 'Fitness Heaven' is part of 92 Moose's "Seize The Deal."