How has your weekend been so far? Have you taken down all of your holiday decorations? That has been and is the task for us today along with laundry. It's amazing to me how much faster and easier it is to put up the decor than it is to take it down.

Vikki's play area

It has been kind of an ordeal so far and there is still more to do. Taking down the tree and other accents and knick knacks has taken us about two hours. The fact that Vikki wouldn't let us put away her stocking and 16 years of KMart bears took us some time in coaxing her. Lynn assured Vikki that all of the stuff will come back out next year. "Don't worry Vikki it will all come back out just after Thanksgiving."

Thunder our cat hasn't been too pleased either. He has been jumping all over the tree, beads and door frame lights while we were trying to put them away. Who knew 'De-Christmasing' would be so devastating for a toddler and a kitten.

Right now, the ornaments are on the dining room table and the singing battery operated singing things are in boxes waiting for the basement. We just have to make sure everything is down before it all goes into storage.

Now that everything is out of the living room we've decided to dedicate the tree area to being Vikki's play area. She received a few bigger toys for Christmas like a play kitchen and a Disney dollhouse. I know the gifts don't really say 'girl power' but there is time for that, as she's 19 months. The boys are either usually on the laptops, watching TV, doing schoolwork or with friends, so they don't really want or need a play area.

Aside from all that, the NHL lockout is over! I'm very excited. There will be something like 50 games and it all begins tentatively on January 15th. Time to relocate NESN on the channel guide. Go, Bruins!