Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is over, the International soccer world now looks to 2018 and the next World Cup. To be honest, I haven't watched or really paid attention since team USA was eliminated by Germany back in the knockout round. Does this mean that I a bad attitude towards the sport?

I understand soccer or futbol doesn't get the interest or get the attention here in the US that other sports get but that doesn't "we" and when I say we, I mean the average sports fan doesn't like the sport. If others are like me, after the favorite team gets eliminated we lose interest and move onto the next thing. I just need to feel some sort of attachment to a team to have a rooting interest. I have no direct ties to Germany, Argentina, Brazil or really any other country aside from the US except maybe England or Canada.

My point more or less, for the exception of the Superbowl, can I honestly say I care all that much if my major league sports team doesn't make the playoffs? No. For example, if the Red Sox don't make the playoffs which is very likely this season, unless the Dodgers are in it, I'll probably have lack luster interest in the MLB playoffs. Same goes for the other three major sports.

If that makes me a fair weather fan in your eyes, so be it. I say it makes me efficient in my attention in sports.