The series finale of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" that aired this week has divided fans. While some liked the ending, there were a great many others who hated the way the series wrapped up. But now an alternate ending has surfaced to appease those who hated the way the show ended. (Beware of spoilers after the break!)In the original ending, it was revealed that Ted's wife (and the mother in the title) had actually been dead for six years, and Ted was telling his kids the story of how he met her as a long, convoluted way to get their permission to date Robin, the kids love the idea, and the series ends with Ted going to Robin's house in a scene that calls back memories of the show's first season.

Needless to say, finding out the mother had been dead all this time did not sit well with some, and one fan has recut the ending to eliminate that story line. Watch it below, and then weigh in on which ending you liked better!