Luke Sharrett, Getty Images

Jim Beam is the latest American company to be sold off to company doing business in a different country. Chrysler is married to Fiat. The Popsicle brand isn't American anymore and neither is Hellman’s mayonnaise. Even Holiday Inn isn’t American owned anymore. The hotel chain is now British.  Here is a test; I gave you the answers above but still it's surprising what you think is American and isn't.

Does American owned or American made make a difference to you when you’re shopping? Will you buy Chinese made goods to save money?

I know you can’t get away from buying outsourced manufactured goods but I get excited when I see something "Made in the USA."

I get it, companies try to keep prices down and stay competitive by going overseas and it’s not a fight that I can win on my own so I’ve succumbed to buying what I need and what I can afford. Even if you buy a North American made car, only some of it is made here. Toyota has plants in the US and GM has parts made in Korea so you almost can’t buy All-American. Harley Davidson might be the only the only major motorcycle brand made top to bottom in the US.

Same goes for technical support, I obviously would rather dial a US call center but often it’s India on the other end but what can you do except buy nothing.