Ever since Evan was old enough to understand it, we have had the Elf On The Shelf visiting our home for the month of December each year leading up to Christmas day.

This year of course being no exception, the Elf, named Charlie, made is grand entrance this morning. Since I was on the air with the Moose Morning Show, I watched Evan via our security cameras as he got up and looked frantically for Charlie until he came upon him in his Christmas stocking hanging by the fire place.

You see, Evan knows the night before Charlie is to show up because we watch the 'Elf On  The Shelf Movie'. That's all you need to do to trigger the magic and make the elf appear! Charlie also had a note for Evan this morning letting him know that he would be watching over him and reporting to Santa each day about his behavior! But remember...never touch the elf.. if you do, he or she will lose their Christmas magic!

Do you have an Elf On The Shelf? If you do, what kind of fun traditions have you built around it? And if you don't, are there any special things that you do in place of it? Let us know in the comments below or on our facebook page!